We strive to teach the kids in our program much more than just self-defense. We want to help your child grow in ALL aspects of life while also staying in shape and learning a priceless skill. You will watch your child gain confidence as well as learn more about respect, discipline, goal-setting, accountability and overcoming adversity.

respect and discipline

We make many efforts to teach this very important aspect of Martial Arts. Our students are taught to bow every single time they enter and exit the mat area as well as to line up at the beginning and end of every class. At the end of class, we all show respect by shaking hands with all of our teammates and instructors.


goal setting

Once your child gets their uniform, they will begin working toward the goal of their belt promotions. Promotions are based on an accumulation of attendance, knowledge and behavior. Once your child starts to achieve higher ranks, they will naturally learn to become a leader and even take pride in setting a good example for new students.

*While competing in tournaments is not required, this is another great way for the kids to set goals for themselves! When your child decides they want to compete, let us know and we will do everything necessary to prepare them!



We have no tolerance for bullying inside or outside of the gym. We teach our students to ONLY do and say kind things to each other. In cases where a student is being bullied outside of the gym, they are taught to diffuse the situation with non-violent methods and to only take physical action when it is necessary.

“When is it okay to use your moves on someone outside of the gym?” —- “Only when I have no other choice”